Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Resume

Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Resume

Did you know you have roughly 10 seconds to “wow” a recruiter? If you have been applying to jobs like crazy and feel as if your resume has fallen into a black hole, we are here to help.

There are many things we trust other trained professionals to handle, health operations on ourselves or loved ones, flying a plane to get us to a destination, and educating ourselves and our children; you get the point! Writing and updating your resume is no exception. You have invested years of your life and thousands of dollars getting an education or learning a trade, investing in yourself to have a professional create a standout resume to get you into an interview should not be a skipped step.

Here are a few common mistakes you don’t need to worry about when dealing with a professional resume writer.

1. Typo and Grammatical Errors
This might seem like the most obvious tip but having any kind of mistake on a resume is not a risk any professional should take. Your resume makes the first impression of you to a potential employer, so you want your first contact to be strong, clear, and showcase how awesome you are! Any sort of typo or grammatical error will alter the hiring managers view “negative” for even the most promising of candidates.

2. Formatting Errors
Our professional resume writers are well versed on the science needed to have a resume read. Did you know 75% of resumes submitted to big corporations are scanned through automated applicant tracking systems? Let our professionals get you the correct formatting needed on a resume to get through these systems and into the hiring managers hands.

3. Leaving Off Crucial Information
Professional resume writers know from a first pass of a resume if you are missing crucial information, such as contact information, dates, or title. You might also be using a passive voice over action words a hiring manager is looking for. Or you are attempting to highlight your skills and accomplishments, but really, you have only listed your duties and are not showcasing the many talents you bring to the table. Hiring a professional to take a 360 view of your resume and then make the changes necessary are your ticket to that next big interview you have been working so hard for.

Think your resume is bulletproof? Even the most experienced professionals still find themselves guilty of making a mistake or two. Searching for your next career move is not something you should do alone. Talk to one of our professional today and let’s get you passed those ATS systems and into an interview!

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