What You Should Know About Reviewing Resumes

What You Should Know About Reviewing Resumes Featured Image - Net Gold, LLC

As a manager, the resume is the first point of contact you have with any job candidate. The quality of a resume determines whether a candidate is called upon for an interview, or not. While the internet is filled with information on writing killer resumes, little attention is paid to reviewing resumes. While it might seem to be a rather simple job, knowing what to look for in a resume could save you the time spent sifting through resumes. The following guide will enable you to sift through resumes in no time, skipping irrelevant ones and ejecting any form of candidate bias while comparing candidates.



While skimming through resumes, you want to have relevant keywords in mind. These keywords should be related to skills and certification, most relevant experience, and desired educational qualifications that match your job title and description. Such keywords should serve as a call to action for further scrutiny, with weight giving to different aspects of the resume.

Industry experience

It’s true that you could find fresh out of school graduates who would fill into a vacant position quite easily. However, for senior level or specialized positions, there is no doubting the importance of experience. Consider job specific experience; a combination of experience in junior level positions, mid-level positions, and possibly in the position under scrutiny. For positions where growth comes together with certifications, you want to look out for this too.


Quick job exits

Regardless of the level of qualification of a candidate, jumping from job to job is always a bad signal. A quick red flag should go up if you notice a job time span of six to eighteen months for all the jobs listed on the resume. You desire someone who would stick around long enough and encourage continuity. Someone with a history of jumping jobs is hardly that kind of person, and could be a disruptive influence – mostly if those exits were sacks. If a candidate seems stellar despite the job shifting, be sure to bring this up during interview.

Lack of Professionalism

With tons of tips on how to write killer resumes available on the internet, it is to be expected that a resume is professionally written. Resumes that reflect the highest level of professionalism reflects the level of seriousness and desire in a candidate. It is also indicative of how much time has been put into its development.
On the other hand, submissions containing typos, and spelling or grammatical blunders are red flags to watch out for. The tone of language used, unprofessional email addresses, and inclusion of annoying buzzwords, could also be indicative of lack of professionalism. Remember, someone who is not devoted enough to build his resume to a professional level, will likely not be professional when employed.

More In-depth Considerations

A quick scan of resumes based on the above could reduce the pile of resumes you have to look at. After this initial phase, you still have to do a further scan. At this point, you want to consider the message passed by the resume. To what extent is it tailored to your specific needs? How convincing is it? Take special interest in resumes tailored to meet your job description, rather than more generalized ones. Be on the lookout for those that fit in with your company vision, mission, and goals.

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