Top Seven Motivators for Using a Recruiting Agency

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Finding a job in recent years has been increasingly difficult across many industries and for people at any stage in their career. The Internet has seemingly made it easier to find jobs that are open, but has also made it more difficult for candidates to get in front of the employer. Companies are inundated with applications to online postings, and it’s probable yours may never even get viewed. Qualified candidates then become discouraged and frustrated with the whole process. Seeking out a recruiting agency is an option for any job seeker. Agencies have the experience and skill in getting candidates placed in the ideal job position and, in many cases, a shorter amount of time than going it alone. We’ve put together our top seven reasons why you should go through a recruiting agency to find your next job:​ ​1) Their Network is Bigger Than Yours Likened to the concept of “six degrees of separation,” recruiters most likely, in one way or another, have connections to every business or company in your area. While you may have met many people in your industry throughout your career, their network will always be bigger. Connecting and networking is what they do every day, and their network is continually expanding. Along with their network is their reputation. Experienced professional recruiters who have previously worked with and successfully placed a candidate within the company have earned that company’s trust. So, when the recruiter presents you as a candidate, the company listens. This offers a huge advantage to job seekers; when a candidate goes in for that first interview, the hiring manager will already favor the possibility of your future with the company. 2) Recruiters Have Inside Knowledge Recruiters having inside knowledge could mean a lot of things, but we’ll share what we mean and how it’s beneficial to you as a prospective employee. The first is insight into the company’s culture. Recruiters may know other people working in the company and could provide you with information on the culture that way. From knowing you and what other people have said about the company, they can honestly tell you if you’d fit in with the company from a culture prospective. The second inside knowledge is a company’s hiring tendencies. If the recruiter has worked with the company in the past, they’ll let you know what to expect throughout the process and how to best prepare for the interviews. Hiring tendencies could also include the subsequent onboarding process and what to expect from that as well. Recruiters will know of positions that aren’t posted online. If a business has had success with a recruiting agency in the past, they may not post an opening online and only work with the agency to fill the position. If you are also working with a recruiter at an agency, this would create opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Knowing the budget of the employer for a new hire is another inside advantage of recruiting agencies. If what you’re in need of and looking for in terms of salary is out of the business’s budget, a recruiter would know. This helps to avoid any surprises later on in the process. 3) They Will Provide Quality Feedback During Your Search Getting quality feedback is imperative to the success of your job search. Recruiting agencies will start giving you feedback when you first begin working with them. This includes guiding you through what to include on your resume and in your cover letter, and what you should leave out. They can also help you develop a resume relevant to the position in which you’re applying. Even though you’re going through a recruiter, the resume is still important and acts as your first impression to the company. Your recruiter will go over the interview with you, and give you tips on how to best present yourself in an interview. They may also give insight into questions that may be asked, and questions that are important for you to ask. A mock interview can also be done, where the recruiter acts as the hiring manager from the company and conducts the interview with you. The recruiter would then provide feedback on your performance and give ideas on how to improve. A recruiting agency will also tell you what you are truly worth in terms of compensation. It may be better or worse than what you thought, but nevertheless useful. If your skills and experience isn’t worth the $80k a year you want, a recruiter will tell you and direct you to a career path that can help you grow into someday making the salary you desire. ​4) They Really Get to Know You When you first seek out a recruiter, he or she will suggest an initial interview with you to understand your skills, experience and career goals. There won’t be as much pressure from both parties, so honest answers and genuine conversation will take place. After the interview and throughout the process, the recruiter will continue to get to know you by ongoing communication. They’ll pick up on your personality, motivation and other soft skills, which really isn’t possible during a 30-minute interview with a hiring manager. This is a huge advantage for job seekers and employers alike. For the candidate, he or she can feel as if the recruiter got know them as a person and not just another prospect. The employer, especially if they’ve worked with the agency before, will trust that the potential employee would fit in with the company and has the necessary skills for the job. 5) They Will Work on Your Behalf There’s a misconception that a recruiting agency works only for the company that’s paying for the service, but that’s just not true. Contingent firms collect payment only when a position has been satisfactorily filled. For this to happen, the new employee must also be satisfied with the placement. An agency can also work for you if you’re passively looking for a new job. That means you aren’t out applying to and interviewing for certain jobs, but would consider a change if the right position came along. A recruiter could also present you to a company confidentially, and only share your name after both parties show interest. This could avoid any conflict with your current company. Recruiting agencies can and will negotiate things such as benefits, salary or commissions on your behalf. This could help avoid confusion and any bumps with the company that just offered you a job, and ensure fairness. 6) Recruiters May Present Options You Hadn’t Considered Sometimes we become so focused what we want in a job and where we see ourselves, that we overlook a position that perfectly fits our skill set and growth potential. A recruiter could find things that you wouldn’t have previously thought of or considered. CareerBuilder released its 2016 Candidate Behavior Study, and it found that 1 in 3 people don’t work in a career related to their degree. Recruiters could find a position that fits your strengths, but isn’t related to what you studied in school. If you’re willing to relocate or commute, a recruiter may find the perfect position for you outside of the area you were thinking. Their suggestions may not always work out, but having an experienced, professional recruiter searching for your new job with you will help open more doors and possibilities. 7) Working With a Recruiter Will Save You Time Working with a recruiting agency during your job search will save you valuable time. Instead of hours spent submitting loads of applications to online job boards (that may not even get reviewed) and attending interviews that weren’t for a position you thought it was for – or not being qualified for – you’ll be put in front of people who will take you and your potential with the company seriously. A successful and experienced recruiting agency will have proven methods of how they get candidates placed. This saves you time by not wasting it with ill-suited positions, and could get you hired by the right employer faster. As mentioned earlier, anyone has the opportunity to seek help from a professional recruiting & Dallas consulting agency. The services, in most cases, offered by recruiters is free to the job seeker. You can stop wasting time applying to jobs online and never hearing back, and you can start interviewing for positions that fit your skills and career goals. And, as a result, get hired with the right employer faster. As your Consulting Firm in Dallas, we would love to help!

12 thoughts on “Top Seven Motivators for Using a Recruiting Agency

  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for explaining some of the benefits for using a recruiting agency. I didn’t know that there could be positions that are not available online, and that some companies opt to only work with an agency to fill the position. This seems like it could be incredibly useful if you are just starting out in a particular industry. After all, one of the hardest things is that first step into a new job field, so that help from an agency could help jump start one’s career.

  2. Braden Bills says:

    It’s interesting that a recruitment agency can help out a business so much. It makes sense that they would have a bigger network! That means they can reach out to more people to ensure that they get the best people for any job.

  3. Max Jones says:

    I like how you talked about employment agencies being there to work on your behalf when you use them. I’ve been really curious about using an employment agency to find a job, and I think that having someone else helping me find a place to work would be helpful. I think that being able to passively look for a new job like you mentioned while still working where I am, would be helpful for me! Thanks for the information!

  4. Katie Dunn says:

    My brother has been having a hard time finding a job where we live, but I think that he should use a staffing agency. As you said, they have inside knowledge which means that they will know about options that he hasn’t even come across yet in his field of work. However, how long does it usually take for a recruiter to help a job seeker find employment?

  5. Olivier Safir says:

    There really are benefits of using a recruiting agency, and you definitely hit all the right points with this post! I hope people would be able to see how much easier it is if you make use of a recruit agency. Thank you for this post.

  6. Amy Winters says:

    I’m glad you pointed out that a recruitment agency can find the perfect job outside of your area if you’re willing to relocate. I need to find a job and am willing to relocate if it seems like a good fit. I didn’t consider that a recruitment agency would have knowledge about jobs in a larger geographical range, so thanks for mentioning that here!

  7. Sam Li says:

    I like what you said about recruiters and how they may present new options. When it comes to starting a business, it’s a good idea to contact a service that could help you find employees. If I were to own a company, I would contact such a service in order to get the help I need.

  8. Adrian Jones says:

    I appreciate your explanation that employing a recruitment agency means that they are aware of other job postings within the company. If I was in the field of recruiting new people to work for a company, this information would certainly help with placing applicants in a job that is best for their talents. It helps to know that recruitment agents have specific knowledge of these jobs, so they can forward successful applicants directly to the company during the hiring process.

  9. Steele Honda says:

    Thanks for pointing out some of the reasons using a recruiting agency is a good idea. I think that it would help get you connected with a lot of people you couldn’t have otherwise. I also think that job recruiters would be good at motivating you to apply for the best jobs.

  10. Millie Hue says:

    It got me when you said that working with a recruitment agency will save you time. As you mentioned, this is because you won’t have to look for jobs by yourself since they will do that for you, and you only have to submit the documents needed. I will definitely seek a recruiter because of that since I do not know where to look for a job now that it is hard to find one for the type of career that I want to pursue. It’s been a year since I graduated, but I still haven’t found a job for the skills that I have.

  11. Mia Stewart says:

    I like how the article explains that a recruiting agency will find positions for you that you may not have considered for yourself before. I am looking for a new job and the only position I can think of for me is working at a call center but maybe there’s another job out there for me. Maybe using a recruiting agency will help me find other jobs that I might be good at.

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