Top Recruitment Trends in 2020

Are You on Top of Your Recruiting?

As modern businesses continue to grow increasingly competitive, talent acquisition has never been more critical. Finding the right staff is a vital component of any successful business. Recruitment trends are continually evolving—it’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends if you want a chance of attracting your industry’s top talent.

Your employees are the building blocks of your business or organization. Without strong performers, you won’t be able to compete with the top companies in your niche. Facilitating a recruitment process that targets the best in your industry can help you effectively gain access to the right employees.

Of course, a robust recruitment process isn’t only about obtaining the best performers in your industry; it’s also about reducing the overall costs of employing your staff. If you’re continually experiencing high amounts of staff turnover, your recruitment process may not be accessing the type of team members that will be long-term assets to your business.

Hiring and training staff is an expensive process, so take the effort to make sure that you’re experiencing as little staff turnover as possible is key. Implementing robust recruitment strategies can help you reduce turnover costs in your business.

So, are you on top of your recruiting? Take a look at some of the recruitment trends in this article to help you decide if you’re utilizing the best methods for acquiring the right talent. If you want to ensure you attract the best employees, have the best recruitment strategy!

Some of the Most Current Trends in Recruiting

If you’ve been using outdated recruiting trends, you may not realize what you’re missing out on. Capitalizing on new trends can help you access parts of the talent pool that were previously undiscovered. So, what are modern businesses using to recruit talent in 2020?

Employee referrals are one method that many businesses are using to get into contact with qualified professionals in their niche. If you trust your current group of team members, you can use their network by promoting an internal referral program—this can help you gain leads to potential employees that suit your requirements.

Data-based recruitment processes are also growing increasingly popular. Your HR team can analyze your current and past employees, along with specific data points to identify the best hires and the best hiring methods. If you can discover trends in your present recruiting and retaining process, you can avoid potential mistakes when you’re looking for new staff.

Developing more comprehensive hiring processes is another modern trend. Instead of having a small team of interviewers or recruiters, you can incorporate different parts of your company in the recruitment process. Using people from various subsections of your organization to assess prospective employees is a practical solution—it helps you employ staff members that can have a strong ‘overall’ impact on your business.

Using an expert staffing service is also popular with many modern companies. As it’s critical to focus on your business’s operations, outsourcing part of the recruitment process to experts can help you access the right type of talent. There are plenty of staffing services that work in a broad range of specialized niches—they can leverage their expertise and external networks to tap into larger talent pools.

Effective Digital Recruitment Trends

As the world turns digital, so does recruitment. While there are still plenty of non-digital routes to recruiting high-quality staff, you’ll also need to utilize digital channels if you want the best chance of finding the largest talent pool. Using the digital world to recruit staff members can help you cut costs and find talented additions to your organization.

Many companies are now using online advertising methods to target specific sub-sections of the population. If you want to attract strong applicants, using digital advertisements can help you create awareness around potential openings in your organization. Using strong digital know-how can also help you build an online brand that is an effective magnet for potential new hires.

It’s more important than ever to have a digital presence if you want to recruit employees effectively.

Social media has also grown into one of the most popular digital recruitment mediums. Below, we’ll discuss various social media recruitment trends and how you can harness them to improve recruitment in your organization.

Savvy Social Media Recruitment Trends

Social media allows business owners and managers to connect directly with potential employees. All forms of digital marketing and recruitment typically include some type of social media strategy. If you want to reach out to the most extensive talent pool, it’s essential to target potential applicants in the various mediums they use on the internet.

In fact, Facebook has recently begun to promote its job advertisement platform, which allows you to post job advertisements to specific social media users. Building a brand on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also allows you to gain increased exposure.

Still, the Titan in the industry is LinkedIn—a social media site built specifically for the professional world. In 2020, LinkedIn is still one of the best recruitment tools in the world. Because people post their experience and qualifications on their profiles, LinkedIn allows you to overview candidates before you contact them—you can gain quick access to some of the most experienced individuals in your industry!

Verdict: Invest in Your Recruitment

If you want your business to grow successfully, your talent is one of your most significant assets. Unfortunately, many business owners and hiring managers overlook the significance of acquiring the best talent in the industry. By taking advantage of the best recruitment trends in 2020, you’ll be able to position yourself at the top of the pack for acquiring the best talent.

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