Things You Shouldn’t Say During a Job Interview

Things You Shouldn’t Say During a Job Interview Featured Image - Net Gold, LLC

Identifying a satisfactory job and getting invited to an interview is a very minor step towards landing a job. Your performance during an interview serves as the barometer for your eventual employment by any firm. During any interview, recruiters watch out for many a sign that could point to your incompetence. These could be your dressing, ability to keep to time, and your general behavior. However, one under emphasized interview tip is your speech. The following are things you should never mention during a job interview.

“My Previous Employer was Hell”

New employers would always seek to find out why you left your previous job, or could ask you several questions regarding your previous work place. Refrain from speaking out in a degrading manner about your previous employer regardless of how bad things might have been there. There are many things you could say without being negative. Instead of complaining, highlight what you’ve gained from the job that you could bring to the table, and state your desire for a new challenge or learning experience as a reason for a new choice. Remember, companies always seek to hire positive people – people who promote organizational unity – over negative ones.

“No Questions”

At the end of every interview, a few minutes are allotted to entertaining your questions concerning the position. As you prepare for a job interview, always have a few questions regarding the position handy, no matter how many people you’ve talked to about the job. Recruiters could easily pin your lack of questions on a lack of interest, or proper research about the position. However, do not ask off-the-mark questions that are unrelated to the job and the company.

“What is your Vacation Policy?”

Questions surrounding vacation or leave timing and schedule shouldn’t be asked until you’ve landed the job. Employers could easily pin you as an unenthusiastic, unmotivated candidate whose desire is to get away from work as quickly as possible, if you ask this question during your interview.

“Errr.. Umm…”

You could easily be overtaken by anxiety once you assume the interview hot seat. At that point, the answers to certain questions might not easily come to mind and you’ll decide to use “filler” words to buy you some time. don’t do that. Try as much as possible to answer all questions immediately, but do not deem it improper to take out a second or two to think an appropriate answer to a question. Communication is important in business, and you could come across to your employer as a bad communicator if you constantly use filler words.

“I’m an Independent”

Working with others might not be your greatest strength, and that is okay. However, the key to success in any organization is teamwork. Highlighting that you are not a “people person” means you’ll be unwilling to collaborate with others while undertaking projects that would naturally require more than one person. That is a put-off for any employer.

“I’m not Sure I’m fit for this Position”

Nervousness before and during any interview is expected. Uncertainty about a role is also to be expected until you actually start performing that role. You do not want to appear to your employer as someone lacking in confidence.

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