Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture is dedicated to educating its visitors about the history of the Dallas County area. This education includes lessons about the history of the region’s varied culture, including economic and political differences. Included at the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture is the Old Red Courthouse, which contains some of Dallas County’s most intriguing artifacts. Visitors will take a journey through Dallas County’s fascinating history and learn how that has changed to what we know today.

Events at the Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum hosts events and special exhibits to create more learning opportunities for visitors. These events include local favorites such as the “Dallas Curated: 50 Objects/50 Stories” event. To celebrate the Old Red Museum’s 10th anniversary, you’re taken through a selection of some of the museum’s most interesting objects and examine them while learning their stories.

The 1892 Romanesque courthouse once serviced as the center of all Dallas County life and government. They now allow guests to host their own events, social gatherings, and celebrations.

Weddings are in high demand at the Old Red Museum due to its stunning architecture. Victorian era color schemes, large arches, high ceilings, and spacious seating accommodations make the Old Red Museum a beautiful location for ceremonies. The Old Red Museum’s Restoration Room also provides a reception area with room for upwards of 250 guests.

Is the Old Red Museum Haunted?

There have been claims that the Old Red Museum courthouse is haunted—without any specific stories to support the claims, of course. The staff of the Old Red Museum has always stated that they are told stories from visitors to the museum. Many of these stories are often cited second hand.

While speaking with guests, they have recounted stories regarding a friend who has had a paranormal encounter in the museum. Despite this, there have never been any confirmations of an employee encountering anything paranormal. Outside of a couple of unfortunate events reported in the early 1900s, there has been no confirmed paranormal activity. At present, there does not appear to be any reason to suspect or believe The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture is haunted.

Take a Trip Through Time at the Old Red Museum in Dallas

The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture is an excellent place to visit and learn about the history and culture of the Dallas County area. It’s always fascinating learning just how different some things used to be. The Old Red Museum provides an exceptional educational experience and excellent historical facilities for hosting events and weddings. It also has a great selection of highlights that make for excellent photograph opportunities, from stone wyverns to a brightly glowing Pegasus on the museum’s first floor that was brought to the museum all the way from New York City.

The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Admission ranges from $7 to $10 depending on age—kids under three get in free!

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