How to Attract Quality Talent with Social Media

Are you using social media to recruit talent the right way?

You’re on this page because you want to find the best practices, strategies, and real-world examples for how recruiting can work for you through social media.

Recruiting is not immune to the ever-changing, ever-evolving ways of the industry best practices. If you aren’t keeping up with the industry through social media and you can quickly find yourselves using outdated tactics.

This article is created to provide sustainable, long-term strategies which have passed the test of time.

Some things simply don’t change, for example, building excellent relationships which are grounded on mutual benefit is a constant that is becoming increasingly important in today’s economy.

Social Media Best Practices

As you read these best practices, the best thing you can do for your organization is come up with a plan as to how to implement each tactic.

The best first step is to immediately afterwards is ask yourself how you will apply this within your organization and come up with a few ideas as to how you will implement said tactic.

For example, let’s say that mixing up your posts is a best tactic, and that some posts should be funny, others should be interesting to your target market, and yet others should be industry trends.

One way you can apply this is:

  1. Jot it down – “Mix up our posts”
  2. We will apply this to our organization by updating our target market with new things we’re doing in the marketing space, cool tools we use, and use a few memes to keep it casual.
  3. I’ll ask our social media team to come up with a few graphics for our posts these months, and work with the content department to include some of these ideas I read about.

With that being said, let’s jump into a few best practices, shall we?

Promote Your Company Culture

What’s it like working within your organization?

Consider posting things like:

  • Events you host
  • Milestones you achieve
  • The work from home on Fridays is a thing
  • Breakfasts, lunches, or dinners provided; and
  • Other perks besides the day to day operations of a job

What you’re aiming to do is show potential candidates the company is more than just taking a job – but your company is a great place to work and people enjoy coming there each day.

Niche It Down

Where does your ideal candidate hang out?

If they’re programmers, they might just be hanging out in the following sites:


If they’re in marketing, they could also be here:


And the list can go on and on for many other industries. The objective is to figure out where your ideal candidate could be hanging out, and sourcing opportunities to connect and network with them.

Are you staying relevant?

There are many rules out there when it comes to posting on social media.

For example, some people say to follow the 5-3-2 rule, which means that for every 10 posts, your updates should look like this:

  • Five posts to other sources that aren’t you. This could be blogs, articles, or videos that might engage your audience
  • Three posts should be about the company. This could be your campaigns, blogs, or any information related to your organization.
  • Two posts should be personal. Anything that’s fun, that promotes your culture, or role in the community.

Other people mention the 80/20 rule, which is almost the same as the 5-3-2 rule… It goes like this, 20% of the time you’ll talk about your company, and the other 80% you’ll talk about things that are not your company.

And still, there’s another social media rule, which are the four C’s of social media marketing:

  • Content Quality: Does it add value to your community?
  • Credibility: Does it build trust?
  • Conversation: Make it about them. Ask your community questions.
  • Consistency: Post regularly and be consistent.

Why did we mention all these rules?

Because there isn’t a single thing that works for everybody, and we encourage you to test out which strategy will work the best for your organization.

Additionally, there is flexibility when it comes to your marketing strategy, and over time you can find the best strategy that works within your following and for your ideal candidates.

When you put all these strategies to use you will have a clear plan for your recruiting via social media.

It will guide you on what to talk about, when to do post about it, and how to post about it.

You’ll also place yourself in front of your ideal candidates much more quickly, experience higher contact rates, and you’ll have talent that is already interested and engaged with your company.

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