Outside view of the museum

The Frontiers of Flight Museum was formed in 1988 to house an extensive collection of artifacts formerly belonging to well-known aviation historian George Haddaway. George had an enormous number of artifacts and archival materials that he originally donated to the University of Texas in Dallas. While an agreement was made to display part of the collection, the majority of the physical artifacts had to be kept at a separate site. The Frontiers of Flight Museum was then founded thanks to the help of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, William Cooper, and Jan Collmer.

Exhibits at the Museum

The Frontiers of Flight Museum now hosts a variety of aviation exhibits including multiple examples of early advancements made during our first era of flight. These feature numerous early planes such as models from the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss.

Also shown are exhibits commemorating the start of commercial flight. The Airmail display, which features artifacts from the early days of airmail service, is particularly popular. Models of two of the most commonly used airmail aircraft of the period are also on display in the form of models.

Artifacts and models from the major world wars, including the cold war, are also on display. Original artifacts and numerous large-scale models are available. Additionally, the Frontiers of Flight Museum hosts a Space Flight gallery, where the Apollo VII spacecraft is on display, as well as the only moon rock available in North Texas.

Events at the Museum

The Frontier of Flight Museum hosts events year-round. All museum members are invited and welcomed to attend.

Moon Day is an event hosted by the Frontiers of Flight Museum to honor the previous space flight accomplishments and focuses on the future of space exploration. Their Moon Day event is also celebrating the upcoming Apollo 11 missions 50th anniversary. This will include additional exhibits and programs for everyone in attendance. John Blaha, a retired NASA Astronaut, will also be speaking.

Celebrate 30 is an event being thrown to celebrate the museum’s 30th anniversary of preserving the history of aviation. There will be celebration dinners and musical performances

The Frontier of Flight Museum allows visitors to rent a museum hangar to host birthday parties and weddings—a real treat for young plane lovers.

You Don’t Want to Miss the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is an excellent destination for anyone who is into aviation and its history. The museum houses exhibits displaying humanities history in the air, from the Wright brothers first flight to our first attempts at commercial air travel. They hold many important artifacts and the first machines to see air combat in our world wars. Civilization has advanced leaps and bounds since our very first flight, and the Frontiers of Flight Museum has done a fantastic job preserving that history for our future.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. Parking is free, and admission ranges from $7 to $10 depending on age—kids under 3 are free!

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