Effective Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

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Passion, drive, and commitment to any organization are undoubted players in the level of efficiency of employees. Today’s work circles are seeing lower and lower employee engagement levels, with more employees than ever before registering their lack of passion for their job responsibilities. Regular studies on employee psychology and motivation reveal that a growing number of persons are stressed with their jobs, and are thus, disengaged.

As an employer, this is a highly worrying trend because employee engagement level is closely tied to productivity level. An under-engaged employee cannot be as productive as a highly passionate employee. Much of the information available on the internet regarding employee motivation and engagement direct attention to increased financial incentives, better career paths, proper rewards and recognition plan.

However, increasing employee engagement does not always involve monetary incentives. This could be achieved even with a limited budget, if you have the right tools, and apply the right approach.

Assess Employee Work Values

An individual’s personality is tied greatly to his values. In turn, individual values could have an immeasurable impact on employee turnover. Thankfully, by using leading, thought provoking questions during an interview, you can gain an understanding of a candidate’s personality. Employ only individuals whose goals and values match those of your organization. Of course, diversity in personality is essential to the success of every firm. While some persons are better at leading, some are much better following, and yet some others are better as team workers. All these traits are different, but essential within the workplace. However, not all employee values are to be implemented from their end. Their values could easily refer to their choice of a work environment. Take a poll on the issue, and build your workplace to match these values.

Recognition is Vital

It is much easier saying a “Thank You” to every employee, than it is searching out deserving employees and lavishing them with deserved praise and appreciation. Never forget to recognize the efforts your employees put into their job. For many employees, a lack of recognition is the driving factor behind their desire to quit their current workplace.
Remember, a ‘blanket’ appreciation lavished on all employees regardless of their commitment levels and output, could encourage mediocre job performances, sending a very opposite message from your initial intentions.

Let Long-timers Mentor New Employees

There is no doubting the importance of being relaxed in the work environment. As a new employee, there is always that initial nervousness due to uncertainty and unfamiliarity. As a result, new employees might not initially find upper management approachable enough to address with certain issues. This is where mentors come in. Assigning mentors to employees, while pointing out that these ones are in no way part of the management, provides a relaxed environment for new hires to discuss their challenges. Mentors could serve as guides in the day-to-day running’s of the firm. They also serve as an outlet through which an employee could begin building relationships in the new work environment. When assigning a mentor to a new employee, ensure that the person possesses good leadership qualities, and is friendly. The mentor must also be very well aware of the inner workings of the organization; thus, it is important that a mentor has been around for a while. Even then, have specific principles guiding this relationship, in terms of its eventual effect.

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