7 Major Reasons Why Your Recruiting Department Hasn’t Been Successful in 2019. Having trouble finding the right candidates for your open positions even though you have a recruiter or a recruiting team? Having worked with many different companies in various industries across the U.S., we know how frustrating it can be for companies who feel […]

Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Resume Did you know you have roughly 10 seconds to “wow” a recruiter? If you have been applying to jobs like crazy and feel as if your resume has fallen into a black hole, we are here to help. There are many things we trust other trained professionals to […]

Net Gold, your partners in recruitment, are excited to announce the appointment of Hanna Vaughan as our Chief Marketing Officer. We are thrilled to welcome Hanna on board! We’re certain she will add another layer of success to our quality efforts and increase our value to our customers as we head into 2019.  Hanna’s extensive […]