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Our professional staff has special expertise in healthcare, marketing, IT, real estate, insurance, and more. At Net Gold, we offer a simplified way to grow your business, it’s our mission to find you tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Services:

  • Extensive Candidate Screening Process
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Marketing & Advertising Knowledge
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Excellent Customer Service

Why did you choose Net Gold, LLC?

The Net Gold team had been persistent with me over a couple of months that they could solve my problem, and fortunately I gave them an opportunity to come and meet the executive team. The entire team was very impressed with their listening skills. They asked us to define our needs and at the end provided an on-point summary of what we needed. In addition, they proposed a fee structure of pay-for-performance, which is not my usual experience with high performing recruiting agencies.

Mark Lashley / CEO, Unified Care Group
Net Gold is a very professional, responsive and reliable company. We were able to fill some of our immediate needs quickly with their help. I would definitely recommend Net Gold to any company looking to hire top talent as they are aggressive recruiters and are very motivated to work hard for their ...
Arthur Cooper
President -  THMED
Since working with Net Gold we have seen a tremendous increase in the number and quality of candidates to supplement our internal efforts. I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work with the varying personalities of my hiring managers. I am grat...
Michael D.
Chief Operating Officer - 
It’s with great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation. My experience with Tiffany was top notch! Her process was very professional from the start. She presented an opportunity to me that quite honestly I was hesitant to explore but the details, her knowledge of the job and her ...
Chris C.
Director of Recruiting - 
Net Gold recruiting and consulting strategies bring the brightest and hardest working individuals to the workforce to help companies maintain their leading edge. Using proven recruiting and sourcing tools, Net Gold, takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process, provides you with exceptionally q...
Mel Pokorny
Stiletto Firearms
How was it working with Net Gold? Were they professional and communicative? I have worked with numerous recruiting firms in the past and this was by far the best experience I have had. They were very professional, punctual and easy to communicate with. ...
Taylor Gregg
Tiffany originally reached out to me at a time when I wasn’t in the market for a new opportunity. She sent me a LinkedIn in-mail asking me if I knew of anyone that was currently looking as she was searching for “Rock Star” physician recruiters for a fast growing company in Irving, TX. I adv...
Armando A.
Physician Recruiter - 
I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Jessica Titko, one of the founders of Net Gold, LLC. It was an amazing opportunity to have got in touch with her and this company. I was a recent Undergrad student in search for a start on my career. I had been searching for a job and connected with mult...
Alex O.
Recruiting & Marketing Coordinator - 

Recruiting Agency Richardson

Professional Recruiting Services

Finding top talent is a time-consuming, arduous task—a full-time job, really—and there are a number of reasons why turning to a recruiting agency might be the right move for your business. For one thing, small, newer companies don’t typically have a full-fledged HR department with lots of time and resources to dedicate toward the recruitment process. And although it may seem like trying to do so on your own is a more cost-effective option, the extensive time spent trying to do this without experienced HR members on your team can easily outpace the cost of turning to a recruiting agency.

What’s more, if you’ve established your business in a new city or town in which your professional contacts are limited, that makes it all the more difficult for you to recruit high-quality candidates. When you hire a recruitment agency, they bring not only their time, energy, and talents to the table, but also the experience and professional connections which they’ve built up in a certain city or region over time.

Save yourself the time and hassle of hiring and recruiting by turning to professional headhunters or recruiters in Richardson—ones who know how to seek out top-notch potential employees.

Executive Search Firm

Man receiving invitation for a job interview

Hiring is a critical element of running a business because high-performing employees are the building blocks of a successful company. However, the stakes are raised even higher when it comes to searching for someone to fill an executive position. In this case, enlisting the help of an executive search firm may be your best bet.

Whether your intention is to fill a newly-created position or find someone to take over an existing position, a high-quality executive search firm is equipped with the experience and professional skills to seek out qualified candidates with subtlety and tact. Finding a qualified professional to take over an executive role is far more complicated than posting a job and waiting for applications; many of the top potential candidates for executive positions are currently employed and not actively looking for vacancies at other companies.

By delegating the essential and time-consuming task of executive recruitment to a search firm, you gain peace of mind knowing that an experienced and knowledgeable professional is deciding which candidates end up interviewing for the position. As a result, your chances of finding the ideal fit become much more likely.

Resume Help

Our team can expertly craft your resume

The thought of asking for help on your resume may seem a bit off-putting at first, but hundreds of people entrust the quality of this invaluable document to professional resume writing services each year. Having a resume that stands out and makes a solid first impression is just one way in which job applicants can score an advantage over other candidates in order to acquire the job that they want.

What qualifies somebody to assist with resume writing? There are a number of popular resume writing certifications, including Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), and Master Resume Writer (MRW), among others. These stand as proof of the level of expertise and abilities of the person to whom you would entrust your resume.

In many industries in which hiring is particularly competitive, HR workers and recruiters often spend no more than 10 seconds looking at a resume before they opt to place it in the reject pile. Having an experienced professional on your side—to give both you and your resume as much advantage as possible—is the first important step toward having a chance to actively contend for a highly desirable job vacancy. Give yourself that edge by seeking professional help on your resume.

About Richardson, Texas

Richardson skyline as the sun sets

Chartered in 1873, Richardson, TX started out as a small settler town and has steadily expanded into a larger city known for its heavy concentration of technology and telecommunications firms (popularly known as the Telecom Corridor). Richardson also hosts four award-winning music and art festivals each year and is home to a state-of-the-art performing arts facility. The city of Richardson has become synonymous with superior economic management and a high standard of living over the years, and it has even received top ratings from both S&P and Moody’s.

With a population of over 105,000, Richardson has become a unique suburb in the greater Dallas area. The city is highly accessible due to the fact that US-75, a main Dallas-bound highway, runs through it. In addition, Richardson also has four DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) stations, making it highly convenient to commute in and out of the city.

In addition to its active business life and high resident satisfaction, Richardson has also made a name for itself in the creative arts. It is home to the Wildflower! Festival, which is held each May, as well as the acclaimed Cottonwood Arts Festival, which takes place twice per year on the first weekends of both May and October. The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, first opened in 2002, provides a venue for nationally-regarded entertainers and shows each year through its Eisemann Center Presents series. And when top-level performers aren’t using the venue, the Center benefits the community directly by providing a beautiful facility for local arts groups and corporations.

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