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Our professional staff has special expertise in healthcare, marketing, IT, real estate, insurance, and more. At Net Gold, we offer a simplified way to grow your business, it’s our mission to find you tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Services:

  • Extensive Candidate Screening Process
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Marketing & Advertising Knowledge
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Excellent Customer Service

Why did you choose Net Gold, LLC?

The Net Gold team had been persistent with me over a couple of months that they could solve my problem, and fortunately I gave them an opportunity to come and meet the executive team. The entire team was very impressed with their listening skills. They asked us to define our needs and at the end provided an on-point summary of what we needed. In addition, they proposed a fee structure of pay-for-performance, which is not my usual experience with high performing recruiting agencies.

Mark Lashley / CEO, Unified Care Group
It’s with great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation. My experience with Tiffany was top notch! Her process was very professional from the start. She presented an opportunity to me that quite honestly I was hesitant to explore but the details, her knowledge of the job and her ...
Chris C.
Director of Recruiting - 
Tiffany originally reached out to me at a time when I wasn’t in the market for a new opportunity. She sent me a LinkedIn in-mail asking me if I knew of anyone that was currently looking as she was searching for “Rock Star” physician recruiters for a fast growing company in Irving, TX. I adv...
Armando A.
Physician Recruiter - 
Net Gold is a very professional, responsive and reliable company. We were able to fill some of our immediate needs quickly with their help. I would definitely recommend Net Gold to any company looking to hire top talent as they are aggressive recruiters and are very motivated to work hard for their ...
Arthur Cooper
President -  THMED
How was it working with Net Gold? Were they professional and communicative? I have worked with numerous recruiting firms in the past and this was by far the best experience I have had. They were very professional, punctual and easy to communicate with. ...
Taylor Gregg
Net Gold recruiting and consulting strategies bring the brightest and hardest working individuals to the workforce to help companies maintain their leading edge. Using proven recruiting and sourcing tools, Net Gold, takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process, provides you with exceptionally q...
Mel Pokorny
Stiletto Firearms
I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Jessica Titko, one of the founders of Net Gold, LLC. It was an amazing opportunity to have got in touch with her and this company. I was a recent Undergrad student in search for a start on my career. I had been searching for a job and connected with mult...
Alex O.
Recruiting & Marketing Coordinator - 
Since working with Net Gold we have seen a tremendous increase in the number and quality of candidates to supplement our internal efforts. I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work with the varying personalities of my hiring managers. I am grat...
Michael D.
Chief Operating Officer - 

Professional Recruiting Services Carrollton, TX

Professional Recruiting Services

The time and energy that you invest in the hiring process for your business is an investment in bringing the best talent available into your company’s ranks. However, depending on the size, number of HR personnel, and location of your business, the task of recruitment can often be deceptively difficult, especially if you wish to attract the best of the best.

In this case, a professional recruiting agency may be what you need to. A professional recruiter will have the experience, industry knowledge, and charisma to land well-qualified professionals for interviews. Their work goes far beyond simply posting a job and funneling candidates to a business. Whether a recruiter works independently or through a firm, their success as a professional is reflected in their ability to find excellent candidates who meet their clients’ satisfaction. As a result, a good recruiter should be willing to go the extra mile in order to send the best-suited candidates to their clients.

If you’re in search of excellent headhunters or recruiters in Carrollton, be sure to look for those with a history of client satisfaction as well as intimate knowledge of the industry in which your business is involved.

Executive Search Firm

Man receiving invitation for a job interview

Many businesses, especially relatively new ones, don’t have trained and qualified staff on hand to carry out the task of an executive search efficiently. Although some may opt to handle the search and hiring process on their own, experience shows that this isn’t usually the best or even most financially-sound method of filling an executive position. By enlisting the help of an executive search firm to aid you in your hiring process, you have the priceless benefit of only getting the best candidates to interview, rather than a sea of candidates who are merely responding to the job opening, qualified or not.

Spending the money on an executive search firm is an additional expense which may at first seem frivolous, but the time saved and the quality of the job candidates is more than enough to justify the cost. Consider this: when you seek a qualified professional to help lead your business so that it can be more successful overall, it’s not unreasonable to consider that you may have to invest in professional help to seek out that perfect candidate. Many businesses miss out on making great hires because they fail to look in the right places.

Resume Writing

Our team can expertly craft your resume

The added polish that a certified resume writing service can add to your resume cannot be overestimated as you navigate the application process for your next job. In many cases, your resume is the first impression that an HR worker, recruiter, or prospective employer will have of you. With that in mind, it’s crucial to make a positive, memorable impression in order to optimize your chances of being invited to an interview.

A professional resume writing service will know how to highlight your work history and experience in such a way that gives the best impression to a potential employer. They are also up to date on the current trends of what recruiters look for in a resume—both aesthetically and in terms of content.

Beyond that, hiring a professional to help with your resume can save you time—time spent agonizing over this all-important document, and trying to create a perfect representation of your professional self on paper. An experienced resume writer will be able to provide a fresh set of eyes and an objective, expert opinion in order to give you an edge over those who opt to write their resume by themselves.

About Carrollton, Texas

Carrollton, Texas, is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is a city characterized by its high level of corporate activity, in addition to its strong overall resident satisfaction. With a population of about 120,000, the Carrollton defines itself as “a big city that feels like a small town, a place where neighbors know and care about each other…” Home to over 9,000 businesses, Carrollton enjoys a stimulated economy while also providing residents with a variety of outdoor recreational areas, a well-rated school system, and neighborhoods ideal for parents who wish to raise their children in a safe environment.

Carrollton is accessible to both Dallas and Fort Worth via major highways, so residents can enjoy the peace and security of living in a smaller town without feeling cut off from the convenience and bustle of city life. This is also an added bonus for those who wish to live in a smaller city but work in a major one. There are also plenty of restaurants and shopping centers located within 20 minutes of the city center, so residents of Carrollton are only ever a short drive away from any convenience they might want.

Carrollton also offers plenty of outdoor recreation options. The city is home to the Indian Creek Golf Club, numerous hiking and biking trails, and the Elm Fork Nature Preserve. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle within its community with these stellar outdoor facilities, Carrollton also pays homage to its rich history, as evidenced by historical Downtown Carrollton and the Homestead Museum. These historical aspects of the community clearly designate Carrollton as a city that is proud of what it is today but is mindful of its origins and humble beginnings.

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