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Our professional staff has special expertise in healthcare, marketing, IT, real estate, insurance, and more. At Net Gold, we offer a simplified way to grow your business, it’s our mission to find you tomorrow’s leaders.

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  • Extensive Candidate Screening Process
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Marketing & Advertising Knowledge
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Excellent Customer Service

Why did you choose Net Gold, LLC?

The Net Gold team had been persistent with me over a couple of months that they could solve my problem, and fortunately I gave them an opportunity to come and meet the executive team. The entire team was very impressed with their listening skills. They asked us to define our needs and at the end provided an on-point summary of what we needed. In addition, they proposed a fee structure of pay-for-performance, which is not my usual experience with high performing recruiting agencies.

Mark Lashley / CEO, Unified Care Group
I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Jessica Titko, one of the founders of Net Gold, LLC. It was an amazing opportunity to have got in touch with her and this company. I was a recent Undergrad student in search for a start on my career. I had been searching for a job and connected with mult...
Alex O.
Recruiting & Marketing Coordinator - 
Since working with Net Gold we have seen a tremendous increase in the number and quality of candidates to supplement our internal efforts. I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work with the varying personalities of my hiring managers. I am grat...
Michael D.
Chief Operating Officer - 
How was it working with Net Gold? Were they professional and communicative? I have worked with numerous recruiting firms in the past and this was by far the best experience I have had. They were very professional, punctual and easy to communicate with. ...
Taylor Gregg
Tiffany originally reached out to me at a time when I wasn’t in the market for a new opportunity. She sent me a LinkedIn in-mail asking me if I knew of anyone that was currently looking as she was searching for “Rock Star” physician recruiters for a fast growing company in Irving, TX. I adv...
Armando A.
Physician Recruiter - 
Net Gold is a very professional, responsive and reliable company. We were able to fill some of our immediate needs quickly with their help. I would definitely recommend Net Gold to any company looking to hire top talent as they are aggressive recruiters and are very motivated to work hard for their ...
Arthur Cooper
President -  THMED
It’s with great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation. My experience with Tiffany was top notch! Her process was very professional from the start. She presented an opportunity to me that quite honestly I was hesitant to explore but the details, her knowledge of the job and her ...
Chris C.
Director of Recruiting - 
Net Gold recruiting and consulting strategies bring the brightest and hardest working individuals to the workforce to help companies maintain their leading edge. Using proven recruiting and sourcing tools, Net Gold, takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process, provides you with exceptionally q...
Mel Pokorny
Stiletto Firearms

Professional Recruiting Services Allen, TX

Professional Recruiting Services

Hiring top talent is an essential responsibility—one that is directly tied to the success of your business. However, attempting to recruit and hire by yourself can consume an inordinate amount of time and resources. Employing the assistance of a professional recruiting agency during the hiring process relieves the burden of this all-important task, and it can yield better results than those which you would get from going it alone.

Some common misconceptions are that recruiters merely post a job listing and cattle as many candidates as possible toward a company in the hopes that one will be a good fit. A good recruiter should always focus on their client’s business, as well as the specific job opening; from there, they aim to apply that knowledge so that they only refer well-fitted interviewees for consideration.

A good recruiter should also have adequate professional connections and know where to look. You don’t hire them only to find candidates, but to share and utilize their insider knowledge of where to find the best ones. Search for recruiters in Allen who fit this description if you want to take your hiring to the next level.

Headhunting Firms in Allen

Professional receiving an invitation for interview

Whether you’re on the job-hunting side or the recruiting side of the hiring process, headhunting has become a widespread recruitment tactic in the world of modern business. Headhunters have the critical and challenging task of helping companies attract high-quality professional talent that may not otherwise apply to a basic job posting.

It isn’t terribly difficult to recognize a high-quality headhunter; they should be engaged, personable, and dynamic. A headhunter has nothing to gain by targeting an unqualified candidate for a job. Their compensation is directly tied to their ability to recruit candidates successfully, and their reputation as a headhunter is directly tied to their client’s satisfaction.

Working with a headhunter can be a very profitable decision. If your company is seeking to enhance the quality of its recruitment prospects, consider enlisting help from an established headhunting firm in order to get an edge on your competition, especially in the case of an executive search.

Resume Writing & Reviewing

Our team can expertly craft your resume

The truth about hiring and resumes is that recruiters will only spend a matter of seconds looking over this all-important summary of who you are before determining whether you’re worth an interview. With that in mind, there are a number of advantages to enlisting the help of a professional resume writing and review service.

Take note of the service’s qualifications and credentials. A professional resume writer ought to carry at least one of the major certifications in order to verify their ability to present your resume in the best way possible. Furthermore, these resume experts should know exactly what skills and elements recruiters and potential employers are looking for in a resume, and they should be able to use this insider knowledge to take your resume to the next level.

In addition to knowledge and expertise, a professional resume service should also have the technology to make your resume aesthetically pleasing and professional at the same time. All of these factors can save you a lot of time—time which might otherwise be spent struggling through every minor decision and edit. The reassurance and confidence that professional resume writing guidance can provide are undoubtedly worth the investment.

About Allen, Texas

The city of Allen, Texas, was founded in the mid-1800s by European immigrants and was named after Ebenezer Allen, the last secretary of state for the Republic of Texas. What started out as an old railroad town of just a few hundred people has blossomed into a well-loved city with a population of nearly 98,000 people. The city also still possesses one of the few remaining stone dams in the United States; this local gem used to serve as a water station for the H&TC railway back during the time of the city’s foundation. Today, it is designated by the Texas Historical Commission as a State Archaeological Landmark.

Lovers of the outdoors will easily find their place in the city of Allen. It is home to about 1,100 acres of parkland, including 67 parks and facilities, and 65 miles of walking and biking trails. Allen Station Park is also home to an extreme skate park as well as Hydrous Wakepark, one of only about a dozen wakeboard parks in the country. In addition, Allen’s own Celebration Park features one of the largest handicap-accessible playgrounds in the U.S.

And the city has much to offer the foodies, as well. Allen has over 250 restaurants to satisfy both visitors and residents alike; it also boasts eight hotels with enough rooms to host over 900 people. As a result of its robust local economy, Allen has received a number of different awards from Money Magazine, WalletHub, and even Forbes.com—a real testament to the dedication to the quality of life it provides for its residents. Allen is a city with a town-feel; it is full of opportunities and has much to offer everyone—from young families wishing to have a range of recreational options, to new and long-established businesses alike.

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