5 Ways To Retain Top Talent In Dallas’ Employment Market

5 Ways To Retain Top Talent In Dallas's Employment Market Featured Image - Net Gold, LLC

Dallas senior executives need to consciously devote an extensive amount of time to employee retention in the immediate future. The Dallas employment market, especially at the senior level, has shifted to a true seller’s market. Accordingly, your employees are ripe targets for competitors or other employers in general.

For the first time in perhaps seven years, employees are exhibiting signs of restlessness and are susceptible to overtures of new and exciting career challenges and, of course, money. Our top executive search firm in Dallas is seeing an unparalleled demand at all levels across the organization chart, while salaries are being bid up at rates not seen since the early 2000s. This Dallas Business Journal article on Texas’s economic market reinforces our observations.

Here are five ways you can retain your top talent in Dallas’ hot employment market:

  1. Pinpoint top workers: Identify high potential employees and compensate them at or above the market rate. Do not take them for granted.
  2. Invest in research: Ensure you are paying competitive rates by confirming your salary data is accurate. Invest in a compensation study from a reputable firm to put some science into the equation. Do not leave it up to guesswork and Googling.
  3. Provide education: Share the love with your high potential employees that goes beyond straight-forward salary enhancements. Send them to training courses and provide other development opportunities at your company.
  4. Safeguard against outside parties: Consider putting up technology firewalls to block outside parties from talking to your best and brightest. In the past, Coca-Cola shut down its voicemail system, which gives people one less way to communicate with workers.
  5. Update agreements: Make sure your non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements are up to date. These measures will make someone think twice about leaving your company.

In all, whatever you do, do not put your head in the sand and think no one is looking at your top talent. It’s a seller’s market in Dallas, and the competition is coming for your best employees.

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